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This site was created in 2002 for my own amusement while I learned
about the Apache HTTP Server Project. Although not much has changed
on the main page it has become very handy to serve pictures of family & friends.
Of course the server has become a valued part of my everyday life
and has been used continuously for many many things thru-out the years.

Visit some of the other projects and interests I've been working on lately ¬

DD-WRT logo

DD-WRT Forums

Installing DD-WRT on the Linksys EA8500

EA8500 VLAN Detached Networks using DD-WRT

DD-WRT build K3.x_27858 (09/18/15) for the Linksys E2500

Broadcom Repeater Bridge Setup

Detailed Repeater Bridge Setup on WRT54GS

Bits/Pieces linked to in DD-WRT Forums --- If you can gain anything from it be my guest....



Other interests are BOINC [Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing]
mrjcd boinc stats

Everything below is old old 1st of the century stuff   ...mostly forgotton  
There are also many links/pictures contained on this server about Mac related problems. Links to
such items can be found in the Apple Discussions  in individual posts pertaining to a specific problem.

Most requested items on this server are ¬

Inside the new2004 G5 iMac

Slot-Load iMac Repair Manual  (14 MB .pdf file)

Slot-Load iMac PMU

Tray-Load iMac Repair Manual  (9 MB .pdf file)

Tray-Load iMac Cuda button

iMac Firmware 4.1.7

iMac Firmware 4.1.9

Local Weather from NOAA             
Forcast         Radar                  

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