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I receive these via email every day. Although I can’t say I always read them when they come in they are always a refreshing thing to have or reflect on anytime. You can also find many other links along with online AA meetings and links to the AA Big Book.



Below are copies in various formats of the Big Book.


This is a link to the complete 4th edition of the AA BigBook online.

Read here à Fourth Edition of the Big Book



Here is a PDF version of the first 164 pages found in all AA books.

Viewed on any device capable of viewing PDFs.

Download here à AlA-Big_Book.pdf



The first 164 pages in word .doc format.

Download here à AA-Big_Book.doc



The first 164 pages in plain text format.

Download here à 1st_164-pgs_Alcoholics-Anonymous.txt



12 Step Meetings Around The Graham, TX Area